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Tuesday January 17th is an open night so head over and be sociable!

The observatory will be open from 7:30pm and there may be observing (if this British weather ever opens a window for us")!


The Small Print --- Admission - Members £2. Non Members £3. Children free if accompanied.




10 satellites in space at one go and a bulls eye landing for the first stage!

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 However - it is the beginning of the end for the Iridium flares!



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Tuesday 17th January - Open night. Everyone welcome!









Tuesday 24th January - Paul Money 


Paul is a well respected and seasoned speaker in Astronomical circles. He will be telling us about:

Triumph's of Voyager Pt 1 , Journey to Jupiter and the splendours of Saturn


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Paul is also an experience observer and astro photographer.









Until we've worked out a better place to put these here are some useful links to some of our favourite resources and suppliers... 







 STELLARIUM - Probably the best free planetarium program around! 




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The Yorkshire Planetarium - Always entertaining. Covers a broad range of astro-physics and science subjects





Green Witch  North, Astronomical supplies - Everything for the asronomer from beginner to expert with loads of friendly advice.




Orion Optics - builders of precision astronomical telescopes from Dobsonians to Astrographs. Yes - they built our latest telescope too!







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