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Well folks that's it for this observing season.

WYAS is moving away from the normal weekly routine to let the observatory cool down and sweep up all the cake crumbs. We will open again for business as usual in September.


Having said that WYAS loves having friends round especially if they are good at decorating, gardening, dusting and can entangle themselves in the quantum world and be in two places at once, and, of course making tea! So if you would like to come and help out please come on over, put on some overalls and help make the observatory spick and span. believe me its very rewarding and a great laugh too and it makes you feel part of WYASY so come on and put a little back in!

We will put a schedule up soon... 

We may also have a competition for who looks most like one of the Village People...

Please see Colin's note below this picture on what work that needs doing.



Here's a note from Colin on work that needs doing. Colin is coordinating efforts:

I went down this morning and made a start on the lecture room, there still needs work to remove the notice boards from the walls but we need to be really careful as there are 2 pieces of plate glass which are in situ, once done we can start to remove the wall paper so the walls can be painted.

If anyone has any boxes then they should be brought down to assist in packing the computers away from the lecture and computer room.
Work needs to be started on the kitchen as well, moving the fridge and cupboard across  the room into the spare space.
I measured up for the tap in the toilet to reach the outside which I will do next week.
I lifted the carpet in the computer room and there appears to be a silver film on the floor which is part of the underlay I believe, in light of this I think we ought to leave the main tiles in situ and just remove the edge tiles to paint the skirting, walls and roof and use them as a dust sheet. Once we are in a position to lift them if the underlay/silver film is in good stead we may be able to save some money on just buying tiles and not further underlay but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.


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28th July to 5th September 2016   WYAS will be closed for annual maintenance. Though if you feel the urge to help out please head on down. Jobs range from making tea to painting, decorating, construction work, advanced programming and circuit design and everything in between. Knowing how to use a paint brush is a particularly desirable skill! 


Hi Folks. WYAS now has one of these...

It's a SkyWatcher EQ8 German Equatorial Mount and it's the dog's!

Its really easy to use so once we have it installed please come on down and learn how to use it.

Now all we need is a telescope and a focuser! Also, it's really heavy!


























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