This is the Rosse Observatory where we meet Tuesday and Friday nights from about 7:30pm. The building immediately beneath the dome houses the lecture room.


 On June 5th 1973 a group of 20 people formed the West Yorkshire Astronomical Society (WYAS) The Carleton Community Centre offered the group a site in the Centre's grounds and granted them permission to build an observatory there. Building started in June 1977 and with member’s hard work over 6 years it was completed and opened by Sir Patrick Moore on the 25th September 1983. An extension specifically built for disabled access housing a computer room, kitchen, toilet and an equipment store was also added making up our current building. 



West Yorkshire Astronomical Society     Registered Charity Number 508313

The Rosse Observatory, Carleton Road, Carleton, Pontefract, WF8 3 RJ

Latitude: 53 40 30 North.      Longitude: 01 17 14 West.


( for additional information about WYAS, please see History (Full) ) 


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