Regular Club Night Fees

  Member £ 4.00       Guest - Non member £ 7.00

  Family - Member £ 6.00

  Family - Non member £ 10.00 (2 adults)


Guest Speaker Night Fees     

  Member £ 5.00       Guest - Non member £ 8.00

  Family - Member £ 7.00

  Family - Non member £ 11.00


Applications for membership should be submitted in writing to the secretary via the appropriated signed forms, obtainable from the observatory.  The applicant will be required to attend at least 3 open nights within the next 3 months from the date of submission. After this period, the applications will be considered by the committee at their next meeting and will be approved if supported by a majority vote. The applicant will be informed of the Committees decision within 21 days and the membership fee will be due.


Annual Adults Membership      £ 35.00

Annual Family Membership      £ 50.00


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